Sneak Peek at the Next Tales Mothership Title for the Wii...?

A screenshot of what seems to be a small teaser of the upcoming Tales of mothership title for the Nintendo Wii has been revealed over at the recent Nintendo press conference in Japan.

You can view a video of it here. Around 59 minutes into the video, this screenshot was shown (not in the video), along with an arrangement of one of Tales of Destiny 2's songs. This led to some rumors that this would be Tales of Destiny 3 or something, but according to Rpgmonkey from the Tales Forums, it isn't. Rumors say that this game is under development by Team Destiny and the people behind Dawn of the New World. As you can see, it's another anime-style game, and this project is said to be released or made public by next Fall/Winter.

Other things to note during the conference is the announcement of the Nintendo DSi (the DS that's similar to the DS Lite, except with a 0.3 MP camera and music playback capabilities) and a name change for the game Sword of Legendia in order to avoid confusion that this game is related toTales of Legendia.

... If that's the new protagonist... then he looks like another bocchama to me... =D. YAY.

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