TotW: Radiant Mythology 2 Updates + Site Updates

First off, thanks to everyone who answered the survey below =D. Thanks to you guys we've come to a decision with most of the problems. Look forward to our sub of Abyss~

On to news, they've just updated the Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 Official Site with a Characters Page. So far, it only shows Kanonno under the original characters, Cless, Chester and Arche under Phantasia, and Lloyd under Symphonia. The Series characters have videos showing them in battle, Cless and Lloyd's showing a glimpse of their new Hi-Ougi cut-ins. Click the thumbnail above to view the all their footage fit in one video. From Chester's video, it can also be seen that Harold Belserius from ToD2 is playable.

They've also updated the Tales of Hearts blog with director stuff and info from the Tales of Festival. And according to this, Tales of Hearts will be playable in the upcoming Tokyo Game Show this October 9th.

As for updates, we have the AMV of the Month for October up (my first 5/5 in a long while). The gallery has been updated with some official art from the Tales of Destiny 2 fanbook, showcasing some ToD and ToD2 wallpapers, as well as the ToD2 characters' skit faces. All of these were provided by Shilka and Hinas from our forum. Thank you very much =D.

Also updated the Tales of Festival galleries with new pictures from the eventSymphonia the Animation, and the Abyss anime. In the upcoming days, I'll be updating the gallery again with HQ official art for Vesperia and DotNW, plus the various fan pages (sigs, walls, comics, fanfics), with new submissions. I apologize for my slowness =(...

EDIT: Thanks to cutepresea for the heads up, someone has posted Bouken Suisei (Comet Adventure), the ending song of the Tales of the Abyss anime, up on NicoNicoDouga. To those who want it, you can get it from the Tales of the Abyss Audio Download Page.

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