Tales of Asteria Announced For iOS and Android, Teaser Trailer Released

You guys remember that old post we had about Do As Infinity having a new song for an upcoming Tales of game app this year? Well, here it is, finally. Tales of Asteria has just been announced in Japan for the iOS and Android.

Tales of Asteria is a game app that will be released sometime Spring 2014 for both iOS and Android devices, with its own characteristic genre of "An RPG that ties together intersecting thoughts" ( ??????????RPG, kousa suru omoi ga tsunagaru RPG). The app will apparently be free to play. The "Asteria" word (being read as "asutaria") is actually supposed to mean "The Story of the Star" ( ????, hoshi no monogatari). To add, Tales of Asteria was trademarked last November.

The game will let you choose between 6 main characters: Cress Albane (Tales of Phantasia), Milla Maxwell (Tales of Xillia), Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia), Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia), Sophie (Tales of Graces) and Luke fon Fabre (Tales of the Abyss) and will center the story based on that character. The game will have voice acting, though it's not mentioned up to what extent, and will feature a new story being handled by the Tales of Series scenario writer. There's also a tap-based action battle quest system called the Cross Slide Battle.

The opening animated movie will be by WIT Studio, known for their work on Attack on Titan and the Tales of Card Evolve cards, and as we mentioned way, way back, the opening song will be by Do As Infinity. A short teaser trailer featuring the animated scenes can be watched below:

The game's main plot is as follows:

Prologue"In the ancient times, a mysterious comet enveloped in light fell on this planet.
As it fell, it shattered into 6 different "Star Fragments", and with those fragments still giving off that mysterious light, they scattered all over the world.
Within the Star Fragments lie a mysterious power of choosing those who hold it.
They will be tested, and if they can overcome that test, they will be shown its true form.

When the time comes, and when the one chosen by fate appears, the Temple of Light shall show itself. If the one chosen can find the Star Fragment, the path shall then open.

When all the fragments are brought together, the guardian of the Temple of Light shall appear to grant all the wishes of that person."

This is a legend that has been handed down since the days of old in this world. From children to adults, every single person in this world knows of this "fairy tale."


One day, something happened.
At the center of the world appeared a mysterious temple...
This seemingly divine temple that just appeared out of nowhere fits the description of the "Temple of Light" in the fairy tale.
It was no longer a fairy tale - the legend had become real.

With the appearance of the temple, the world's affairs changed drastically?.

The king of a certain large country firmly believed that he was the chosen one, and had started pouring all funds into having his military find the Star Fragments. Another king is trying to place the Temple within his own territory. The world had fallen into a state of restlessness to the point that small wars would occur in many regions.

With the shaken world now under the influence of the Star Fragments, the story of the 6 chosen people now begins...

Pre-registering for the game will get you Milla Maxwell as a character (... does that mean you have to buy the others' routes? ).

In addition, Tweeting about it will apparently get you one random character below for its "Summon ? Infinity" feature. More details are at the website but I can't access it right now as it is on maintenance.

You can find more art of Tales of Asteria over at our gallery. Visit the game's official site here.

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