Tales of Crestoria Yuna, Aegis and Orwin 3D Models, Battle System Info

In today's Tales of Crestoria live stream, we get to see the 3D models of Yuna, Aegis and Orwin, as well as more information on the game's battle system.

3D CG Models

From the screenshots and the Q&A during the live, Yuna's weapon is a kunai that, thanks to her Blood Sin, has a string attached that makes the whole weapon act like a pendulum type weapon. Aegis's is a spear, while Orwin's seem to be knuckles.

New Tales Character

Cress Albane from Tales of Phantasia was introduced as another Tales character in the world of Tales of Crestoria. In the game, he serves as Kanata's sword master and teaches him how to fight with a sword. They also showed a video tutorial of the battle system with Cress.

Battle System

As announced previously, Tales of Crestoria will use a turn-based battle system.

At the bottom right is the Command Area, where buttons come up that dictate normal attacks, artes, mystic artes, etc.

Using Artes with the button from the Command Area allow you to use more powerful types of attacks, however they have a turnover time wherein they have a number of turns where they cannot be used.

After a certain number of attacks and combos, you will eventually fill up the blue Over Limit Gauge at the bottom of each character portrait, allowing you to activate Over Limit.

While on Over Limit, chances of critical attacks increase, more powerful artes are activated and damage is increased.

And during Over Limit, you can activate the more powerful Mystic Artes, complete with cut-ins.

Still no release date yet on when the game will be released, but during the Q & A, it was announced that the game is for now exclusively for mobile.

They also released the characters' "theme" colors, including their color codes.

Tales of Crestoria
Tales of CrestoriaTales of Crestoria is an upcoming mobile title dedicated for smartphones that is an entirely new story and doesn’t focus on previous Tales of titles. The game features Kanata Hjuger, a young man branded as a Transgressor because of the crimeof “protecting someone important” to him. The game will be released for iOS and Android on 2020.

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