Tales of Festival 2020 Online Viewing Tickets Now On Sale at 5,000 Yen per Day

10,000 Yen for both days

You can now purchase the Tales of Festival 2020 online viewing tickets.

Following the announcement that Tales lf Festival 2020 has been converted to a strictly no-audience event with live streaming because of the extended state or emergency in Japan due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Asobi Store members may now purchase online viewing tickets of the upcoming Tales of Festival 2020, to be held this March 6 and 7, 2021.

The tickets are priced 5,000 Yen per day (~$47) or at 10,000 Yen for both days (~$96), tax inclusive. You will need an Asobi Store account in order to purchase the tickets. There is a slight discount if you use BanaCoins. The purchase page is here.

The event itself will be viewable via this URL, which will have an Asobi Store login at the top. You need to login to the same account you used to purchase the tickets in order to view the event. The viewing screen will have a chat function, multi angle viewing feature, light sticks and stamps for use.

Both days will have the page open at 2:30PM JST, and the event proper begins at 4:00PM JST. Note that if viewing during the time the event is live, you cannot rewind the video. Archive viewing will be available from March 8 (Monday), 12NN until March 14 (Sunday), 11:59PM. Sales for the tickets will also be available until 12NN of March 14 for those who would like to watch the archive, but there will be no change in ticket price.

Also, please note the following when purchasing or viewing the event:

  • Sales cannot be refunded for any reason whatsoever.
  • Even if you share the viewing URL on social media, sales are locked to the specific Asobi Store account that purchased the tickets and hence will only be viewable by that account.
  • The viewing system will have a function that prevents multiple logins. You will not be able to view the event from two different devices or even multiple screens from the same device.
  • Customers are responsible for the internet costs. Wifi is recommended given the heavy data load expected from the event.
  • Despite doing their best to make sure equipment is up and running, there may be times when the video may disconnect/be suspended momentarily due to technical errors or website maintenance.
  • After completing the purchase, customers should receive a confirmation e-mail.
  • Customers will not be able to see the order on their My Page but instead on the Asobi Stage purchase history.
  • Credit card and BanaCoin sales are open as of 17:00 JST. Credit card sales will be processed the next business day.

Please keep in mind that the event itself will be in Japanese with no English subtitles.

You can read more on the planned event schedule and cast here.


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