Tales of Graces f DLC Festival - Win A Set Of DLCs!

To celebrate the recent release of Tales of Graces f in Europe, Namco Bandai will be holding a Tales of Graces f DLC Festival!

The contest will be active until September 19, 2012, where Tales of fans have a chance of winning one of fifty (50) Tales of Graces f DLC (downloadable content) packs.

These packs give fans free access to PlayStation XMB™ themes and Icons, character costumes and in-game items which are otherwise available to purchase on the PlayStation Network.

Each winner will receive one set of codes to download the following DLC items:
- Tough Kids Clothing Set
- Quick-Costume Set: Asbel
- Quick-Costume Set: Hubert
- Quick-Costume Set: Malik
- Quick-Costume Set: Pascal
- Quick-Costume Set: Sophie
- Chain Capacity +1
- Mixophile's Set
- Double Enemy Item Drops
- Dualize Discount
- Upgrade Eleth Mixer
- Level Up +5 (#1)
- Double Skill Points

To enter, simply answer the questions found on this page.

The ones I've linked are UK only for now, but I've been told that various other regions will also be holding this contest, so everyone is advised to regularly check their own region's Namco Bandai homepage for updates.

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