Tales of Graces f - Pascal Gets a Sony Entertainment's Mascot Toro Costume

In collaboration with Sony Entertainment, Tales of Graces f's very own Pascal will be getting a DLC costume of Toro Inoue, also known as the Sony Cat.
ToroThe DLC named "Together Everyday" will allow Pascal to sport the look of Sony Entertainment Japan's cat mascot.

Other news in the scan includes Sophie's previous Hatsune Mike costume to also be available in the PS3 version, although it is still not clear whether this is a DLC or part of the game itself. Most likely, it will be another DLC. Images of attachments are also shown. Aside from the Sophie attachment (promptly called here the "Sophie Hug", specifically, the word used means a mother-carrying-child hug), Cheria is also sporting a Kamenin hat attachment.

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