Tales of Graces Receives a 9/9/9/9 from Famitsu Magazine

A recent scan reveals Famitsu Magazine's review score for the upcoming Tales of Graces. Tales of Graces receives a9/9/9/9 score, garnering the total of 36/40. Tales of Graces Gets a 9/9/9/9This is from the main Famitsu score, so we're to expect a score from Famitsu Wii+DS as well. To the unfamiliar, video games are graded by four game reviewers in Famitsu, each gives a score of zero to ten with ten being the highest.

Famitsu's reviewers mostly comment on how fast, fun and exhilarating the new battle system is, though one comments that it might take some time for someone to fully master it. They consider Graces as a truly evolved form of a Tales game.

Tales of Graces comes out in Japan this December 10, 2009. To those who still plan to, pre-orders for the actual game and the Wii Special Pack are still open in Play-Asia.


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