Tales of Graces Site Update - New Costume Videos & Wallpapers + New Scan

The Tales of Graces official site has been updated today with two new videos and two new wallpapers. The two videos show Asbel in his Quasi Knight costume and Cheria in her BoA Songstress costume. The latter thumbnails link to screenshots.

Asbel's Quasi Knight Costume Cheria's Songstress Costume Hubert Group
The two new wallpapers are of Cheria and Richard. You can download them from our gallery below:

Cheria Wall
Richard Wall

Also today, the Kamenin Merchant DS game has been released as a DSiWare app.

Mag ScanEDIT: A new Weekly Shonen Jump scan has also surfaced, showing a new game feature called Inn Requests. As you progress through the story, a new menu ("View Requests") will pop-up when you visit inns. Majority of the requests involve finding items for the townsfolk and returning them, but some are a series of side events unrelated to the game's main story. Finishing requests will earn you Skill Points.

In the first example, they are searching for an important handkerchief of Frederic's that he received from Aston. In the second example, the party is requested to perform a musical play called "Snow Princess Sherry" (sheri yukihime). Asbel plays the prince, Cheria plays the princess, and for some unknown reason, Hubert is playing the evil queen. Points of interest include a possible kissing scene between Asbel and Cheria in the play, plus Malik holding up a Katz puppet.

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