3 New ToG Character Videos of Asbel, Richard and Malik +Nintendo Power Scan

The Tales of Graces Official Site has been updated with three new videos, the first videos for Asbel Lhant, Richard and Malik Caesars. The character pages in the official site have also been edited, showing three slots for videos in each character page.

Asbel Lhant - Character Video #1 Richard - Character Video #1 Malik Caesars - Character Video #1
The videos are mostly cutscene videos involving the said characters. Though quite short, they show a bit more about what we can expect from the game. Translations have been added to them via YouTube's annotations. AC's Tales of Graces section has also been updated with these videos, specifically the Videos page as well as the pages of the mentioned characters.

Also, a scan of Nintendo Power featuring Tales of Graces has now been uploaded to the gallery (Thanks, Wonder Chef for the scan.)

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