Tales of Heart & Tales of the World:Radiant Mythology 2 Confirmed Via Shonen-Jump

Apparently the speculation of Tales of Heart was true. Right now we've only got one measly image from Jump but I see Jump getting more info regarding the game later this week or next week. From what this image shows though i have to say the realistic models look nice=)

EDIT: apparently i missed something since under the ToH revelation there is also an announcement for ToW:RM2 o_O Cutepresea caught this for me so thank her in regards to finding it, now if you notice this tiny scan you see Yuri o_O that's right...............here's hoping for more ToV characters and maybe some Emil and Martatoung.gif and it seems guy finally made it this time around=)

EDIT: Tales of Hearts is said to be for the Nintendo DS, while Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 is said to be for the PlayStation Portable. ToH's hero is called Shing, and the heroine is Kohaku. Character designer isInomata Mutsumi. Some are saying that this is a Team Destiny game too. TotW:RM2 is said to have at least 50 characters from the previous games, up to Vesperia (Yuri Lowell is in the scan).

also abby, i am currently working on those translations you sent me earlier(yep the first ones:/) now that it's summer i can easily finish them up but if you do have anymore(and i know you do) please feel free to e-mail me them, I'll see to them after i'm done with my previous ones=)

EDIT: I JUST RECENTLY DISCOVERED A VERY GOOD HIGH RESOLUTION PIC OF BOTH OF THESE SCANS, check them out=) oh and rest assured ToH looks to be 2Dtoung.gif

Links ( (Same image, different perspectives :/):
ToH&ToW:RM2 High Res. Scan:<a
ToH&ToWRM2 High Res. Scan
ToH Scans: Scan 1 | Scan 2 | Scan 3 | Scan 4 | Scan 5 | Scan 6
TotW:RM Scans: Scan 1 | Scan 2