Tales of Hearts R Demo Set, Bonuses From the Demo and Innocence R Announced

As a sort of Christmas present, a demo for Tales of Hearts R will be released this upcoming December 25th. DLC bonuses were also announced, along with more details on the game's pre-order bonuses and the limited edition.

Starting December 25, 2012, a demo for Tales of Hearts R will be made available via the PlayStation Store. The demo will mainly be at Suntex Cathedral ( ???????? ), where Shing and the others, together with Calcedny, are after "that character" who's skipping out on cleaning. All party members will be playable, and players will get to experience the new Chase Link system.

Keep your save from the demo version and load it to the full version game and you'll get swimsuit costumes for Shing, Hisui/Jadeite, Galando and Beryl.

Also, if you have a save from Tales of Innocence R in your memory card, you'll be able to obtain the Majinken/Demon Fang skill for Shing, as well as a Coda head attachment once you begin your game of Hearts R. In a sort of tandem with this, the downloadable version of Tales of Innocence R will be on discount for only 4,680 Yen ($60) from December 20, 2012 until January 30, 2013 (normal retail price for it is 5,380 Yen, that's around $68 ).

More details on the pre-order bonuses and special editions for Tales of Hearts R were also given:

As we announced before, one of the main pre-order bonuses for the game is a download code for the 2D action RPG, "Tales of Hearts R - Infinite Evolve".

This game will feature the 2D sprite graphics of the original Hearts, an original story with Shing and Kohak/Amber as the main protagonists. It's your typical RPG - you defeat enemies, can collect money, strengthen your gear through the shops, develop them in battle, etc. Some characters from the previous Tales games such as Lloyd, Jade, Yuri and Stahn will also make an appearance. Short skits are also prepared for the stages.

Other announced pre-order bonuses include:

  • A Tales of Kizna in-game special card
  • A Tales of Card Evolve in-game special card
  • A Tales of the World: Dice Adventure in-game special item

With regards to the limited edition Tales of Hearts R - Link Edition, the package, to be sold for 9,980 Yen ($125), will include the following:

  • Tales of Hearts R Quest Clock app code
  • An original pouch
  • An original cloth
  • A cradle
  • A cradle face cover
  • An original protection film
  • The game

Tales of Hearts R will be released for the PlayStation Vita in Japan on March 7, 2013 - Play-Asia.

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