Tales of Hearts R Introduces New ARC-LMBS and Spir Drive System

The January 2013 issue of Viva! Tales of Magazine introduces two new features of Tales of Hearts R: its new ARC-LMBS and the Spir Drive system.

The new battle system, called "Aerial Chase Linear Motion Battle System" (ARC-LMBS), allows the player to blow away your opponent (with Break Attacks) and then instantaneously chase after the opponent (this is called a Chase Move) to deliver an attack. Normal attacks and Break attacks can be used in combo in the air.

On the left of the battle screen is the Spir Gauge. When filled, the Spir Drive mode can be activated. While activated, stats are increased, TC is not consumed (I need to confirm what TC is) and your character cannot be knocked back. The Spir Gauge has 4 levels, and at level 3, Mystic Artes/Hi-Ougis can be activated. To activate it, the L button is pressed together with a directional button, similar to how Tales of Vesperia's Over Limit was where each level corresponds to a directional key.

Tales of Hearts R will be released for the PlayStation Vita sometime Spring 2013.

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