A Bunch of New Updates for ToV and ToS-R (plus Ring a Bell Download)

Aside from the updates posted by SV already, here're a few more:

|| This new Weekly Shonen Jump scan of ToV features Flynn Cifo (furen shiifo in romaji) and the dog that follows Yuri around, Rapede (rapiido in romaji)... You could actually consider Flynn as Guy's long lost twin with those looks.

|| This (EDIT: Scan link fixed. Sorry about that)V Jump Scan of ToS-R reveals a few new villains. One is named Brute or Bruto (buruto in romaji), who is against the church of Martel and is after the Ratatosk Core. The other is Hoke, a commander in the Vanguards, and a rank lower than Alice and Decus. The scan also reveals that Mystic Artes are confirmed (for Emil as of now).

|| This interview from IGN reveals a few new things about ToS-R, mostly about how the battle system works. Remember how the game's battle system has an Elemental Grid at the bottom left? In order to use it and change the current element of the battle field, you have to execute 3 attacks of the element you want. Aside from that, looks like a Grade Shop will be available once you finish the game. They also have a bunch of new screenshots, all are already up in our ToS-R Gallery.

|| This interview from 1UP about ToS-R contains a bunch of screens (same as IGN's screens), as well as info on the monsters. There will be around 230 different monsters, broken down into 10 species and 33 subspecies. It also seems that you always have to have Marta and Emil within the battle, and the 2 other battle slots are only for other humans and monsters.

|| This preview of ToV from GameSpot reveals the name of goggles girl and hammer boy. Goggles girl's name is Rita, while hammer boy is Karol.

|| Lastly, this interview from 1UP reveals a bunch of info for ToV as well as some new English screenshots (in the gallery, herelink fixed). In terms of Xbox live, the online rankings they were talking about before include rankings for your hit countgame completion time, and scores for the mini games. Some items are also available for purchase for those who find it tiresome to search the game for the said items. You can also download experience points. There is a limit though, so don't expect to reach max level in a single download. They also mentioned that co-op playing via Xbox live will not be implemented.

As mentioned before, there was something about killing non-boss monsters with a single blow. This system replaces TotA's Field of Fonon system. You can use finishing moves to instantly kill a monster regardless of their HP, and this will usually lead to better item drops.

The Overlimit feature went through some improvements. There are four levels for the Overlimit gauge. At Level 1, Artes can be executed faster. At Level 2, you're free to cancel your Artes in battle. At Level 3, Mystic Artes become useable, and at Level 4, you can make a character invincible. You can use all four levels on one character, or evenly distribute them amongst your four battle party members.

And lastly, that feature before that talks about how the monster you engage in battle in can be joined in by a bunch of other monsters within the group is called "encounter linking."

By the way, they also mentioned Sword of Legendia here. Apparently, it's not a Tales Game.

And according to a translation by cutepresea, the Japanese intro of ToV will be called Kane wo Narashite, also by Bonnie Pink.

Thanks to Akari Mizunashi from our forum, we now have Bonnie Pink's Ring a Bellfor download. This is the full version, I assume. Aside from that, we also have that ToV trailer from the ToR Preorder Bonus and the ToV English Trailer from GameTrailers up. Download links below:
Ring a Bell - MediaFire1 | MediaFire2 | MegaUpload
ToV Trailer from the ToR PSP Preorder Bonus - Download | YouTube
ToV US Trailer from GameTrailers.com (WMV) - MediaFire | YouTube

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