Tales of VS. Director's Corner Video 6 + More Tales of Vesperia PS3 Costumes

The Director's Corner of the Tales of VS. site has updated with it's sixth video, showing Presea and Judith performing combos... Really, I should stop decapitating the director ^_^;;

ToVSdirecvid6 Festival Lover's 2nd Generation New Costumes: Repede and Patty
I just finished translating, so it's cross-post time /o/ -a745

In the first part of the video, the Director demonstrates a combo using Presea. Basically, he used the directional buttons + normal attack toward the Rita in order to corner her against the wall. Once that's done, he performed a few more combos, this time with skills, making Rita subtly hit the wall as he does so. Doing this made Rita get thrown into the air more, allowing for more combos. He finds this kind of combo to be unique to VS. He noticed that the final blow he dealt that sent Rita flying seemed a bit slow, so you may need to time your attacks better if you decide to do it. He mentions that it may be a bit hard to understand from the video, so he compares Presea's fighting style to Ruca's. Since the two both wield heavy weapons, their swing time when using their weapons are a bit slower than the other characters', hence timing is somewhat different for characters like them.

In the second part, the Director now uses Judith. Here, once he felt that "now's the right time", the Director sent Shing flying in the air with some combos. Utilizing a bit of the wall again, as well as Judith's artes, the Director performed the combo against Shing, all the while trying to avoid letting him touch the ground again. He mentions that Judith's artes are really useful for something like this. At the end, he uses Judith's hi-ougi. He feels that he was really able to perform a combo that "fits Judith just right".

Also, new scans concerning Tales of Vesperia PS3 have also just recently surfaced. The scan shows the previously revealed swimsuit titles, as well as new ones for Patty and Repede. From the scan three days ago, we learned that the title for Karol in the upper right of the scan is Energetic Beach Boy. The new one for Patty, as you can see in the solo screenshot that she has, is called Festival Lover's 2nd Generation (????????, matsuri suki no ni daime). One of Repede's new ones, the one beside Karol's Energetic Beach Boy title in this scan, is Shy Seawater Dog (????????, uchiki na kaisui doggu). And lastly, Repede's other new costume at the bottom of the scan (beside Patty's previously revealed The Straw Girl from the Southern Rainbow) is called Rapid Pine Forest (?????, mori no rapi matsu).