Tales of Hearts R Reviews From Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation

Two reviews for Tales of Hearts R are now out: from Famitsu and from Dengeki PlayStation.Famitsu gave the game a score of 9/9/8/8, receiving a total of 34/40. Their comments on the game were as follows:

  • Clear time is around 30-40 hours for the main story. It can reach 60 hours if you try to complete everything.
  • The system is easy to understand, so even first-time players will be able to get it quickly.
  • Battle seems to have evolved nicely and has a good feel. The Chase Link, flashy movements and ease in connecting combos gives it an exhilarating feel.
  • Being able to blow away opponents with one button makes it easy.
  • Introduction of the new character (Galando) into the story feels well-placed and well-written. It doesn't feel weird to have him in there at all.
  • There are a lot of mini-games and costumes to enjoy.

Dengeki PlayStation gave the game 80/85/90/85. Their comments are as follows:

  • There are times when normal attacks during semi-auto mode don't hit.
  • Setting the skills with SP is a bit tedious
  • Being able to blow away enemies and freely continuing the combo in the air makes it fun.
  • Leveling up weapons with only points and not money is interesting.
  • The main scenario is full-voiced.
  • The models appear a bit flat, this is a bit disappointing for the PS Vita.
  • It's sad that the support character system is gone.
  • Battle timing is good - switching from guard to attacks is fast enough for combos.
  • The AI don't work that well if they're not properly set.

Tales of Hearts R will be released in Japan on March 7, 2013. Pre-orders are now available at the following places:

Tales of Hearts R Regular Edition (Japan ver) - Play-Asia | CDJapan | Amiami | YesAsia
Tales of Hearts R Regular Edition (Asia ver) - Play-Asia
Tales of Hearts R Link Edition - CDJapan (still available) | Amiami | Play-Asia (all slots currently sold out, check again later)
Tales of Hearts R Lalabit Market Edition - Play-Asia | CDJapan

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