...Plus some minor ToH and TotW:RM2 Updates for Today...

Just an additional update for today... A new scan (plus one more) shows that not only Tales characters make that cameo in ToH, but also some other characters in Namco's games, particularly the Idolmasters game in the scan (Scans found by Atlas). 

Also, there are some radio versions of Eien no Ashita around YouTube, butthis one has the longest version so far. The song's really beautiful~

For TotW:RM2, here's a new scan (from Koori) just showing previously announced characters Chloe, Jade, Kyle and Chat. There are two other characters, the scientist Janis and his assistant. With the Mana supply decreasing, Janis invented a sub-energy called Larvae, and he's set to make it the dominant energy souce around. Aside from that, you'll see that the pre-order bonus has been confirmed, and a new screenshot of the opening, showing Arche and Raine cooking (and again, that Leon shot).

And also, the flying creature who looks like Mormo in the game is officially named Paneer, according to this scan of Vol 2 of the Tales of Magazine from LadyMax.

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