Tales of Innocence R - All The New Mystic Arte Cut-Ins & The Cooking System

The latest magazine scans for Tales of Innocence R reveal the whole party's newly illustrated cut-ins for their Mystic Artes, as well as the return of one of the Tales of Series' known staples.


The scans have everyone's cut-ins, from the new ones of the old characters to those of QQ and Kongwai. The scans don't have the names of their new Mystic Artes though. The last scan, at the lower part, talks a bit about theCooking System. With that, it also indicates that the good old Wonder Chef is back! The Cooking System is pretty much the same as they were in the other games: recipes can be gotten from the Wonder Chef, and cooking can either be done on the main menu or after a battle for some quick healing or stat boosts.

Famitsu posted an article on this here.

Pre-orders for Tales of Innocence R are now open on Play-Asia: Japan Version | Asia Version

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