Tales of Xillia HD Anime Cutscenes Downloads + More Coming Soon!

Since there probably won't be any Tales news until a few days, I thought I'd post this now. Here are downloads of all the anime cutscenes in Tales of Xillia for the PS3. The videos have no subs, have Japanese audio and are in HD MP4 format. The original files were ripped by mass-destruction. He generously gave the files for distribution, while I encoded them into a more media player friendly format. Many thanks to him.

And I don't think I need to warn you, but these cutscenes obviously containSPOILERS.

YouTube and Download Links (if Wupload is being an idiot, try the mirror link):

Opening (Jude Version) - Facebook | Download | Mirror
Opening (Milla Version) - Facebook | Download | Mirror
FMV1 (Prologue) - YouTube | Download | Mirror
FMV2 - YouTube | Download | Mirror
FMV3 - YouTube | Download | Mirror
FMV4 - YouTube | Download | Mirror
FMV5 - YouTube | Download | Mirror
FMV6 - YouTube | Download | Mirror
FMV7 - YouTube | Download | Mirror
FMV8 - YouTube | Wupload | Mirror
FMV9 - YouTube | Download | Mirror
FMV10 - YouTube | Download | Mirror
FMV11 - YouTube | Download | Mirror
FMV12 (Main Ending Part 1) - YouTube | Download | Mirror
FMV13 (Main Ending Part 2) - YouTube | Download | Mirror
FMV14 (Jude Path Epilogue) - YouTube | Download | Mirror
FMV 15 (Milla Path Epilogue) - YouTube | Download | Mirror

*Note: FMV13 contains the game's ending credits, but since this is a rip, and the game has no illustrations montage whatsoever in its credits, it's nothing but a black video with the credits song playing.

*Note #2: All cutscenes will trigger whichever path of the game you choose except for the Jude and Milla epilogue cutscenes (FMV14 and FMV15) and FMVs 8-11 which are Jude-exclusive only (Thanks to Meowzy for pointing that out).

*Note #3: It would be great if you guys could give me a review on which is better, Wupload or FilePost. Thanks.

That said, after this week is over (hopefully, if I even survive this upcoming hectic week), I'll have the Tales of Xillia and Tales of Innocence R sections of AC up. Together with the Tales of Xillia section will be ripped Mystic Arte cut-ins, Link Artes Cut-ins, Long Chat and Fighting Chat images to be uploaded into our gallery. Again, they were ripped by mass-destruction, as well a popular figure in the Tales of community, Shinryu. They're taking a while because I'm still piecing them together (chat images are sliced into eyes and mouths, etc.). They'll be up soon, so look forward to it.

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