Tales of Innocence R Demo To Be Released Tomorrow

It has just been by Mika Murakita (one of the Tales producers) via Twitter that the Tales of Innocence R demo is indeed coming out... tomorrow. And what is tomorrow? The game's release date.Murakita-san explains a bit in her Tweet that the demo is for people who are having second thoughts about buying the game or those who won't be able to get it on day one. In other words, try the demo first to see if you'll like the game.

So yes, Tales of Innocence R will be released tomorrow, along with its demo. Some people in Japan even have the game already. Either the game actually has high demand, or Namco Bandai only printed few copies of the Asian version of the game because places like Play-Asia have run out of pre-order slots for them. The Japanese version is still available though.

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