New Tales of Vesperia PS3 DLC - More Tales of Series Cameos

A bunch of new costumes for the Vesperia gang are up in the Japanese PlayStation Network today, featuring cameos of the Tales of Series' prominent characters. They are calling this the "Strong Ones Compilation", which is pretty much the best description for these characters, though I won't mention because it might spoil some people who haven't played the other games.

New ToVPS3 Villain Costumes
The costume titles are now up for download from the Japanese PSN for 300 Yen each costume. Click the thumbnail above to view the screenshots from Dengeki Online. The cameo costumes are (title translations to come later):

Yuri: Creed Graphite (Tales of Hearts)
Estelle: Elraine (Tales of Destiny 2)
Karol: Milhaust Selkirk (Tales of Rebirth)
Rita: Walter Delques (Tales of Legendia)
Raven: Van Grants (Tales of the Abyss)
Judith: Richter Abend (Tales of Symphonia: DotNW/KoR)
Repede: Asras (Tales of Innocence)
Flynn: Lukius Bridges (Tales of the Tempest)
Patty: Mithos (Tales of Symphonia)

They did a really nice job with the costumes. Especially Patty. Hers fits exceedingly well. Screenshots will be added to our gallery once the non-watermarked ones from 4Gamer are out.

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