Tales of Innocence Updates: Gameplay Updates + Villains' List

A few updates from the Staff Voice have just been made. But since most of them aren't really that important, we'll only be highlighting the important parts of the report.†Monsters will be visible on the field, just like in Abyss. Monsters weaker than you will tend to run away from you, while those just at your level or stronger, will tend to follow you.

†The touch screen will be used as a navimap when at the world map. From there, you can also adjust the view of the character you see on the upper screen. Basically, the touch screen is the control panel, and the upper screen is the monitor of what you're doing.

†The "Game Over" picture will have English words in it. Click here to see it (Dai Yakata-san died during his test playthrough. Apparently, Ruca and Iria were still too weak to handle the monsters surrounding the town outside of Regnum).

†The ToI manga in Jump Square was out since November 2. Apparently, there will be a few things different compared to the game in terms of the storyline once the January issue of Jump Square comes out. There was also a planning of a 100,000 reprint of the December issue... What...?

†(SPOILERS~)Ruca starts out with a stick given by Iria as a weapon (LOL), it's hard to obtain money at the start of the game (test player Yakata-san is asking for more allowance from Ruca's money XD), and the Guild almost kicks you out for being too young...

As for the Villain's List, (taken from Nore's Blog Entry, translation by ~Kaz, THANK YOU~), you can find it here: CLICK ME.

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