Media Updates + Many Thanks~!!!

Thanks to our very own Ju-da-su, we now have the full version of Tales of Innocence's opening song, Follow the Nightingale. The download is over at the Tales of Innocence Audio page. Speaking of which, we've updated the lyrics of say goodbye & good day to the one coinciding with the full version of the song, courtesy of niveus-rem. Again, thank you.
Also, thanks to kingforte, we now have downloads for the opening and ending songs of Tales of Eternia the Animation. The downloads are at theTales of Eternia Audio page. Many thanks to him ^_^~ BTW, all above songs have also been added to the Tales of Jukebox.

We've also updated desenderterresia89's Comic Blog over at the Tales Comics page.

And lastly, AC would like to extend a warm thank you to Marcos Gonçalves (a.k.a. thin029 from the Tales Forums) and Linda Simonsson for donating to the site's PayPal! We are now halfway close to our target balance in order to start the next AC contest! Many, many thanks to them! Of course, we thank everyone who have been placing orders in Play-Asia through our affiliate link! We're halfway there!

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