Tales of Symphonia Tethe'alla Ep OP Video + Tales of Graces Screen Saver

Animate.tv has released the opening video of Tales of Symphonia: the Animation's Tethe'alla Arc. The Tales of Graces official site has also been updated with an installable screen saver.

As usual, we can't upload anything ToS OVA related to our YouTube channel. You can view it on the player below. The opening looks very nicely done, and very dramatic as well. You can download the video from here.

Tales of Symphonia the Animation Tethe'alla... by AbyssalChronicles


Tales of Graces Screen Saver
The new Tales of Graces screen saver features the main characters' LV1 Blast Caliber cut-ins and dialogue. Right-click and Save on the thumbnail at the left to download, or you can download it from our Other Downloads page.

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