Tales of Symphonia the Animation Update =) + Site Update

And here I said I wouldn't go online because of exams >.>...

Anyway, a new update has been made over at the Tales of Symphonia the Animation Official Site has been made. They updated the page with a cool picture of Lloyd, pictures of the new ToS Calendars that will be coming with the Collector's Edition of the DVD (7980 Yen), and the covers of the DVD. Interestingly, RegalPreseaMithos, and Martel are on the covers =). It's still unsure if they will be appearing in the 4th volume though.

In addition, AnimateTV has updated their page with sneak previews of the new "Zelos Omake Drama" (similar to the Kratos-sensei's Private Lesson in the 1st volume) that will be coming with the collector's edition, as well as a new song by Colette (VA: Nana Mizuki) called "Omoide no Yukue" (Walk of Memories). Click the links below to listen to them~ And thanks to SakuraWfor informing us of the update =).

As for the site update, a big thanks to Danette Sheron for donating $5 to the site's contest funds =)~!

Links ~
† Zelos Drama Sneak Peek
† Colette's Omoide no Yukue

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