Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave - Team Rebirth Officially Confirmed

There have been rumors about the team representing Tales of Rebirth for this game during Jump Festa 2012. These new scans from Famitsu magazine confirm it.


Again, the confirmed team for Tales of Rebirth consists of Veigue Lungberg and Tytree Crowe. We also get to see a glimpse of Emil, Marta and Senel's Mystic Arte cut-ins.

So far, this is the roster:

Phantasia: Cless and Chester
Destiny: Stahn and Leon
Eternia: Reid and Farah
Destiny 2: Kyle and Reala, plus Elraine (boss character)
Symphonia: Lloyd and Zelos
Rebirth: Veigue and Tytree
Legendia: Senel and Chloe
the Abyss: Luke and Guy
the Tempest: Caius and Rubia
Innocence: Ruca and Spada
Symphonia-DotNW: Emil and Marta
Vesperia: Yuri and Flynn
Hearts: Shing and Kohak
Graces: Asbel and Cheria
Xillia: Jude and Milla

Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave will be out for the PSP in Japan on February 23, 2012. Play-Asia now has pre-orders open for both the regular version and the premium box.

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