New ToS-R and ToR PSP Scans + New Affiliate + LOL advertising XD

We have two new VJump scans (the last one has been cropped into two more, so there are three files) courtesy of Kouli from the Official Tales Forum. Nothing new to be noted except some new opening screenshots which can be found on the second scan. It also has some info on the upcoming PSP port for Tales of Rebirth.

(Sorry for the lateness, I already got these yesterday, but I forgot to post them up >.>)

As for the new affiliate, we're now affiliated with Game Valor, a recently opened gaming site with info, guides, and a lively forum. We still don't have their button though (if the owner of GV is reading this, please comment with an 88x31 button so that we can put it up on the affiliates list. Thank you.)

As for that, ahem, shameless advertising, I recommend everyone who has nothing else to do when online to join the TCG_Exchange Livejournal community~. It's basically a pixel card collection game, which you earn from contributing to various LiveJournal community banner/icon contests.And yes they have Tales cards XD.

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