Tales Brigade Now Open! + Tales of the Abyss Anime Teaser

Hop on over to the Tales Brigade, as it just opened yesterday! They have loads of quests and prizes for everyone!

EDIT #5: Results for RPGamer's contest are in. Check them out here.

EDIT # 4: To those who missed them, IGN posted new Vesperia English videos last August 5th. Check them out here.

Friend me guys! (I am not male, but I signed in under my uncle's name, who lives in CA ^^; )

And we just uploaded the Tales of the Abyss anime Teaser Trailer in our YouTube account. Knock yourselves out XD.

EDIT: Thanks for adding me =). By the way, here:
Version 3 Preview 2

EDIT # 2: After the Japanese release, yes, but here's ToV's 3rd Commercial, featuring Flynn's Hi-Ougi/Mystic Arte.

EDIT # 3: I've only recently been able to add everyone who's added me as a friend in TalesBrigade. I seriously didn't know that AC has that many supporters. THANK YOU~! LOVE YOU ALL~~!

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