Tales of the World: Reve Unitia Site Open, New Screens and Artwork

Tales of the World: Reve Unitia's official website is now open, featuring new screenshots and artwork.

Again, to those who missed it, Tales of the World: Reve Unitia is basically a Nintendo 3DS enhanced port of the previously released mobile strategy Tales game Tales of the World: Tactics Union. The game, like the other Tales of the World games, features various Tales of characters brought together into an original world for some purpose. Reve Unitia will feature full voices for its main scenario, an animated opening and some animated cutscenes, new event illustrations, as well as new Mystic Arte cut-ins for the characters.

The website also has information on the game's story and setting. It hasn't really changed at all from how Tactics Union was, so you can just read our old post on that for more info. You might want to check that out first before reading this new post.

In addition to all those new things, characters Tern and Nacht, who were previously just animal-like characters of sort, now have human-like forms. This is because Tern and Nacht can now fight alongside the Tales characters. Outside of battle, they retain their mascot forms - but they take on their human-like forms in order to fight.

View the rest of the screenshots here!
Lastly, Reve Unitia will feature two story views - one for Tern and one for Nacht. If you'll recall, Tactics Union actually had a "Player Side," which is actually Tern's side of the story, and an "Enemy Side," or Nacht's story. Originally, you're only able to play through Tern's side of the story, but for Reve Unitia, it seems you also have access to Nacht's side. Though Tern and Nacht's goals in the end are the same, their way of dealing with the matter are different, hence this new addition. Tales characters Natalia, Lloyd and Asbel are part of Tern's side of the story, while Jade, Yuri and Meredy are part of Nacht's.

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