Tales of Vesperia: Promotion Video

The promotion video has been posted on the Tales of Vesperia website. The thing is.. I can't access it at the moment, so no links can be provided right now. If anyone can access it, it would be nice if you can share with us how you did it.
Tales of Vesperia Official Website
Promotional Video Link

EDIT by a745: I seem to have found out the problem. BandaiChannel is a paid service, and is exclusively open to Japanese residents only. Luckily, some people over at NicoVideo have uploaded this video, and it's the exact same trailer as the first one, only that the way the star appears near the end of the trailer and how the game's title comes in is different. This means we'll be relying much on NicoVideo for this... =/... And I have the video in, um, medium quality. If you guys still want to see it, then request away.