Tales of VS. and Tales of Vesperia PS3 Information From Famitsu.com

Famitsu.com has updated their site with the previously revealed information regarding Tales of VS. and Tales of Vesperia PS3.


For Tales of VS., they only added the information on the Edit Mode for character customization and a few character information. They only gave info on Judith, Ruca, Asch, Jade and Mao though. They have a better explanation from what I translated in the previous scans. Since Famitsu's images aren't exactly that great, the thumbnails above will lead you to Famitsu's own pages. I'll wait for the other gaming sites to reveal better images. Translations below are done by me.

EDIT MODE - Use accumulated GP (Grade Points) to nurture your characters. Throughout the Yggdrasill play mode, you can accumulate Grade Points from battles. You can use them to characters for learning skills and raising stats. Also, you are given the freedom to allocate the GPs to and increase any (HP, TP, Strength, Physical Defense, etc.) stat as you see fit. Think of it as a form of the status point allocation that various MMORPGs have.

Judith - A freelance warrior who travels around with a creature she calls Baul.
Ruca Milda - A young boy with a cowardly personality. He however, is splendid in combat with his broadsword.
Asch - The strongest swordsman raised in the New Empire (Nidhogg) to join the Yggdrasill Battle mainly for supremacy. At present, he has disappeared from there.
Jade Curtiss - Colonel of the New Empire's army. Was previously involved in the research of a forbidden technology.
Mao - A young boy with a fierce fighting ability that does not suit his childish appearance. Was also a participant in the Yggdrasill Battle 3 years ago.

Tales of Vesperia PS3 has information we already know. It mainly tackles just the information on new bosses and new artes. It does state there, that "Flynn will appear more often and have more instances to join the battle party in some areas of the game". Coupling that with the interview before saying "Because Flynn has his role as a Knight, he is not supposed to travel with Yuri, but he will join at critical scenes", it seems that Flynn won't be a permanent character... The screenshots in the Famitsu article also has a scene with the Sword Dancer (left) and the Wandering Skeleton Soldier.

Famitsu will be updated with more information on these two games on the 5th of June.

I would also like to say that I will not be around starting tomorrow morning until Friday afternoon (Philippines' time). My family and a few friends are going up to the mountains for some rest and relaxation before school starts on June. While I'm away, I'm leaving the news updates to LaZyEnErGeTiC. If you have Tales news you wish to tell her, e-mail her at lazyenergetic@yahoo.com

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