Tales of the Abyss Anime Goods

So you thought the Abyss anime was over and done with? Here's some extras you may enjoy~

anthology umdvd4 audiodramav4
Edit:Images are now uploaded to the gallery
The Official Tales of the Abyss Anime Website announced new merchandise on their news page. I'll try to explain each of them as best as I can with the power of my (very) limited Japanese and the power of BabelFish!

Comic Anthology -- May 26th
- Peculiarly noted as the first of the official anthology. It's on sale today for the price of 651 yen -- about $7 USD.

UMD & DVD Volume Four -- May 26th
- Just as the title says. It costs 7,140 yen ($75 USD O_O) with special content including images & audio bonuses... Hope you have a Japanese PSP (Or even DVD player?).

Audio Drama Volume Four -- May 27th
- I would assume that this would cover the last episode and maybe something more.. Who knows? We do know it's the last of the series, and it costs 3000 yen (Around $31 USD.).

There's probably more, but my resource currently restrict me from knowing them. Hopefully, this will be a nice treat to you Japanese Tales of enthusiasts.

*flies off*