New Tales of VS. Character Videos for Shing and Yuri + Version 2 Videos

The character sections for Shing Meteoryte and Yuri Lowell have been put up in the together with their character videos.

Shing Yuri Luke V2 Richter V2
Incidentally, the original videos for Luke fon Fabre and Richter Abend have been replaced with videos that are made similar to Shing and Yuri's, which start first with a little normal attacking, followed by the execution of their hi-ougis. You'll notice that the videos look quite better than the previous ones did.

In their videos, Shing performs his ????? (Shouou Jin'eizan) and Yuri performs his ????? (Savage Wolf Fury or Zankou Roueijin). It is also revealed through the character pages that Shing is a part of Dyne, in the same nation Yuri is in. Also, in Luke's video, he no longer yells Radiant Howl in... such an amusing fashion. Click the thumbnails above to view them in our YouTube channel. I especially reencoded them to be available in high quality.

YuriShingDyneThe character art and such (Dyne's nation image) have been added to the gallery. Or you can just click them here.

I apologize if this is a bit late, but with their original formats, YouTube wasn't able to make them available for high quality, so I had to reencode the videos.

EDIT: It has been perhaps 3 times already that I have read a comment in the news posts saying "They haven't officially announced the platform Tales of VS. will be for". First off, the official site itself says PSP. Second, the very first magazine scan concerning Tales of VS. clearly states that it's for the PSP. Perhaps some of you missed it, for it was written in katakana "???????????????" (PlayStation Portable).

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