Tales of Zestiria Nico Developer Live #1 Recap - New Slay and Alicia Scenes

The first Tales of Zestiria Nico Nico Livestream was held last June 20, 2014. Here's a recap of what was shown during the stream.

The stream started off with a re-introduction of all the characters so far, from Slay to Zabida. New scenes were then shown in the form of a new chat between Edna, Mikulio and Dezel, as well as character introduction videos of Slay and Alicia.

New Chat

Dezel apparently likes dogs. Mikulio, on the other hand...

Slay Introduction Video

The symbol on Slay's hand is the crest of the Priest, apparently. Also, Mikulio mentions that he has his own ruins? And the team are off to explore it.

Alicia Introduction Video

The rest of the party offer to help out Alicia. At this point, it seems she's able to see the Divine already. She also admits at the latter part of the video that she initially thought Slay was a bit weird. At the last part, Slay introduces Mikulio to Alicia. Only, well, you know, at that point he was still invisible to her.

Tales of Zestiria will be released in Japan, North America and Europe sometime in the future. Pre-orders are now available at the following shops:

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