Tales of Graces Site Update - New Hubert, Cheria and Richard Character Videos

The Tales of Graces Official Site has been updated today with three new character videos for Hubert Ozwell, Cheria Barnes and Richard.

Hubert Ozwell - Character Video #2 Cheria Barnes - Character Video #2 Richard - Character Video #2
These are all the second released character videos for them. They will be added to AC's Graces Video page and the character pages this weekend, along with the others I haven't upped yet.

In Hubert's character video, we see him telling Asbel that he has been living the past seven years worthwhile, unlike Asbel who, to Hubert, was just playing around with his life. In Cheria's video, Cheria asks Asbel if she really is just getting in the way to him. Lastly, in Richard's video, we see our young prince down on his knees again, this time tired from walking around with the rest.

Other updates of the official site include the inclusion of Titles and Duarise in their Game System section.

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