ToG Site Under Construction + About TotA Ep23-24 + Our Subbing Process!

So if you'll go over to the you'll see the message below.

It currently says "Under Construction", but we pretty much know for which Tales game it will be for =D. Now, on the question of whether it will be Gracia or Graces, seeing as in Japan, it's still trademarked as "Gracia", it could be that the Japanese name for it will be Gracia, and once localized, it will take on the name of Graces.

As for Tales of the Abyss... our main encoder/AFX guy Akanari, who was in charge of said episode has met an unfortunate accident, and has dropped from being our main encoder/AFX guy for the remainder of the series. Ep23 has been passed on to ashye (encoder) and Aggressor (AFX guy), and they're currently working on it as we speak. As for 24, it's currently being edited and timed.

Please stop asking us about when we're going to release an episode. We do the subbing at our own pace, whenever we have free time and the like. And of course we haven't dropped Abyss.

EDIT: Someone was being an utter bastard in the comments page, so I'd like to show everyone our wondrously awesome subbing process =D. Take note that we live in awesomely different timezones~! Ain't that just splendid =D?

AC's Subbing Process (reference ep22):

We get a Translation Raw for Yume from crappy raws we dl from Share or PD-> Yume will translate and give it to us when done -> Airk will edit the script and give it to us when done -> We wait for a good enough raw and make a workraw out of that courtesy of Rena Chan -> miken or I will time it to the script then give it to me -> I check the file for proper fonts and terminoligies, then give it to Yume and Zelsius for QC round 1 (there are times when we have to pass around the file, especially when there are problems with translations, or wording -> they give me back the file and I check it one final time for timing and etc, then pass it on to ashye/Aka -> I leave a note about typesetting and encoding, this one for ashyethis one for Aggressor, since they were the ones in charge of 22 -> They encode and give me the final file. I check it. If I see a problem with it they'll reencode and reupload again, then show it to me until I'm satisified. -> We release.

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