ToI Updates + Site Updates + I'm Still on my Leave :3

For ToI updates (some of which, I know I should've updated about two days ago >.>), a new page of the Tales of Innocence Official Site has been added, which contains commentaries from the voice actors of the main characters of the game. Click here to visit it, or just go to the ToI Audio Page to download them. Aside from that, today, being the official release of the game, the game's official guide book by Shueisha Inc. is also being released today. The guide includes the story line up to the middle part, dungeon routes, and boss battles. It also features the characters with their suggested fighting styles, plus some combo tips for LMBS beginners. The guide costs 1,050 Yen (roughly around $9-10). Also, on December 13th, they will be having a questionnare (most probably a survey) about the game. Aside from that, two new commercials popped up, the first one being the same one we saw in the Creator Voice, and the second one being a completely new one. See the bottom of this post to view them.

As for site updates, we have a Tales of Innocence guide by Kouli up on the Tales of Innocence page (scroll down to see it). Also, we're now affiliated with Kouli's HomePage. Visit it for very detailed game guides ^_^/. Also, we have new Fanart, a new AMV of the Month, and new songs over at the Tales of JukeBox. Have fun with that.

† ToI 2nd Commercial - YouTube / Download
† ToI 3rd Commercial - YouTube / Download

Oh, and I'm still on my leave :3...

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