ToP: Narikiri Dungeon X - New Scan and Official Site Update

A new scan reveals Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X's opening theme song as well as lovely new artwork for Cless, Mint and Arche. The official ToPNDX site has also been updated with a staff blog, Spec info and info on the opening theme song's artist in the Special section.
New ToPNDX ScanFrom the scans (and the site update), the opening theme song of ToPNDX is "?????" (garasu no hana, Glass Flower) by Hanako Oku. The Special section contains some info on her as well as a link to her official site. I'm not that familiar with her, to be honest.

In the scans are new artwork (which I presume will be used as status art) for Cless Alvein, Mint Adnade and Arche Klaine. Also in the scan is Kruelle from the original ToPND. Character descriptions are below:

Kruelle: A weird creature that Dio and Mel saved from a monster. It is able to change its form and has high fighting power.

Cless Alvein: A swordsman of the Alvein Style that became a hero. He constantly worries about what "true justice" is.

Mint Adnade: A healer and is Cless's comrade. Though she is able to heal physical wounds, the weakness of not being able to heal the hearts of others bothers her.

Arche Klaine: A half-elf who loves teasing others. Because of her long life, being left behind by others makes her feel lonely.

Screenshots in the scan show Cless and Mint fighting in battle. Arche is shown only in a scene, but I presume she will be able to fight as well.

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