New Tales of Graces f Scans Reveal Info on Cheria, Malik and Accel Mode

Two new magazine scans have surfaced, revealing Cheria Barnes's and Malik Caesars's new Blast Calibers and cut-ins and more information regarding the game's new "Accel Mode". Screen shots are also available at Famitsu.

ToGScan10908 ToGScan20908
The new scans reveal Cheria's and Malik's new Blast Calibers. Cheria's is "??????????" (toririon duraibu, Trillion Drive) and Malik's is
"???????????????" (shinten rekkuu zankou senpuu messai shinbatsu kassatsu geki). Loni Dunamis from Tales of Destiny 2 actually already has this hi-ougi for himself. Hopefully we'll see a somewhat different version from Malik. After getting a clearer image of the scan featuring Richard, I just found out that Richard's new Blast Caliber is
"?????" (hiou zetsuenshou), which was mainly used before as Reid Hershel's hi-ougi and one of Flynn Scifo's burst artes.

The new system, "Accel Mode" (Accelerate Mode), apparently has different effects for each character. They are the following:

- Attack power up. Be clad in flames (?) and be able to attack already down enemies.

- Attack power up. Be able to move in an instant when using forward step.
- CC recovery rate doubles.

- Change the form of his weapon into a bow and can shoot arrows depending on a gauge.

- Stop time except for herself.

- Be able to let out strong melee attacks.

- Party members within range will have the damage they receive decreased by half. She will not stagger when attacked.

- Spell casting time decreased by half.

And it looks like only Richard and Sophie will be getting new costumes for the post-ending part.

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