A Few Questions About Abyss (Please Comment~)

It's almost time for the airing of the first Tales of the Abyss anime episode. Almost everything's ready at our end, but we're still having some problems with the translations. Our translator, Yume Hanabi, would like to hear your opinions about the following. Please pick your choice and answer in a comment. We'd appreciate as many answers as we can receive (we're conducting a survey).

1.) Fonon/Fonist (US game Translation) or Fonim/Fonimmer (Japanese gameTranslation)?
2.) Legretta (US) or Regret (Japanese)?
3.) Dist the Reaper (US) or Dist the Demon (Japanese)?
4.) About honorifics (sorry if I wasn't clear on this) should we use the US honorifics or the Jap honorifics? For example:
How Luke is called by:
Anise: Just "Luke" or "Master Luke" (US game) or "Luke-sama"/"Mr. Luke" as Yume suggested (JP game)
the maids: Master Luke (US game) or Luke-sama (Jap game)
How Van is called by:
Oracle Knights: Commandant Grants (US game) or Grants-soucho (Jap)
For number 4, please answer whether US honorifics or Japanese honorifics. Sorry if I wasn't clear on this!
5.) The most controversial. For Mieu, "Butazaru/Pig Monkey" (JP game) or "Thing" (US game)?

Thank you very much! Please, if you have time, comment with your opinions on this.

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