New Tales of Hearts Videos Again

New Tales of Hearts videos again, this time, showing the skits. 

The first skit talks about how Kunzite tries to get Kohak's secret features data at Shing's request, then gets pwned later on. The second one talks about how Super Big Innes'.... Soma is XD (although it kind of goes in the wrong direction at first). The third one shows Hisui apologizing for his behavior when they first meet, for Shing was only trying to resuscitate Kohak back at the beach. The last skit talks about what Beryl wants to be.

The last video shows Shing and party gathering materials through battles. (Note: Said video is still being processed in YouTube. Please just check back from time to time to see if it's up)

Click the thumbnails above to view the videos on our YouTube channel... Hisui looks dead bored in most of the skits XD.

P.S. Argh dammit, not my finals, my prelims. Ugh I always mix them up >_>;

P.S.2. This is the last day (over here in the East anyway) for voting your favorite characters at Tales Channel's 4th Character Ranking Voting. If you still haven't voted, do so here!

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