Two New Tales of VS. System Videos - Custom Rules and Free Training

The Tales of VS. Official Site has been updated with two new system videos. The first one features the Custom Rules, a special feature of the main battle system. The second one shows the Free Training Mode.

Tales of VS. System Video #17 - Custom Rules Tales of VS. System #18 - Free Training
»»» Custom Rules
Custom rules will be unlocked in the shop upon fulfilling some kind of special condition within the game. They can only be used during Single Battles, Correspondence (multiplayer via Ad Hoc mode) Mode and Training Mode. Examples of special rules that can be implemented are doubling the force of attacks or the strength of defense, decreasing gravity by half, and other changes that can completely change the feel of the battle. Feel free to use this when you get tired of the usual normal battles.

»»» Free Training Mode
Number of Players - 1
Under Free Training, you will be free to choose 2-4 players wherein you can use them for practice (you only get to control one character, hence the number of players is only "1"). In this mode, you are free to choose the movements of the characters not being controlled (i.e. set them to Idle, Attack, Defend etc.). You can also set them to use Overlimit, and you are free to use Overlimit yourself. You can practice various battle actions in this mode.

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