Five New Tales of VS. Character Videos + New Art, Screenshots and Info

The Tales of VS. Official Site has been updated with five new character videos of Caius Qualls, Farah Oersted, Kohak Hearts, Mint Adnade and Iria Animi. With almost only two weeks left until the game's release, there are only two slots left for the videos, and we know they are of Dhaos and Barbatos Goetia from a previous magazine scan.

Tales of VS. Character Video - Caius Qualls Tales of VS. Character Video - Farah Oersted Tales of VS. Character Video - Kohak Hearts Tales of VS. Character Video - Mint Adnade Tales of VS. Character Video - Iria Animi
Anyway, the hi-ougis they used in their respective videos are:

» Caius - ??????? (Beast Blow)
» Farah - ???? (Karyuu Enbu, Flame Dance/Fire Dragon Rampage)
» Kohak - ????? (Satsugeki Bukouken, localized as Final Fury in the latest games)
» Mint - ??????? (Time Stop)
» Iria - RV????? (??????????????, Ruined Vain Wish)

New Renders from the Official Site 56 New Tales of VS. Screenshots
A total of 56 new Tales of VS. game screenshots from have been added to our gallery. Annoyingly, the HQ art they uploaded this time around are in horrid quality while Dengeki's have that watermark, so I won't bother adding them to our gallery. I've uploaded the official art from the site instead. Anyway, you'll see in 4Gamer the status images of Dhaos, Barbatos, and short-haired Luke. The article also reveals some new information about the game:

»»» The character cards:
We learned from this post that collecting all three character cards of a given character will unlock something. It has been revealed that collecting all three cards will unlock that character to be playable in Tales of Wallbreaker.

»»» Special Battle Modes - There are a total of five:
#1 - No Artes Challenge!! - A special rule that prohibits use of any arte within the battle.
#2 - Super Verge of Death Battle!! - All participants will start with 1HP. Try to kill everyone else before they do you in.
#3 - Transfer the Bomb Tag!! - When you hold the bomb and the time limit gets to zero, a big explosion will occur and you will lose, so you have to transfer it to an enemy. Be careful: even if it's your ally who has the bomb and not you, you'll still lose if it explodes.
#4 - Emergency Meeting! Gumi (Gel) Struggle Battle!! - It's basically a gumi (gel) gathering game. The one with the most gels at the end of the time wins.
#5 - It's Not So Bad to Protect! - In this battle, you have to protect your partner, and make sure he/she stays alive.

The rest of the article talks about old information, such as Overlimit Cross, Yggdrasill Mode, etc.

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