(UPDATED) Tales of Zestiria TV Anime For 2016 Announced For Tales 20th Anniversary, Trailer Out

An anime TV series for Tales of Zestiria has just been announced over at Tales of Festival 2015!

Well, that came out of nowhere! The anime, being called "Tales of 20th Anniversary Animation" will be done by ufotable! This might be an entire anime adaptation of the game and more, since it was mentioned that "The Shepherd's Journey transcends Zestiria."

According to our Tales of Festival 2015 correspondent Momo, the trailer shown at Tales of Festival had a new, silver-haired character (Momo says he looks similar to Arslan from Arslan no Senki). There were also talks about a "continuation" of some sort. This anime could either be a direct adaptation, or possibly... a sequel?

Beautiful screenshots of the trailer available below at our gallery:

The official website was given and is now live.

Question is... will the Alisha DLC be in it?

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