New Tales of Xillia Screenshots of the Schall Siblings, Link Artes & Long Chats

We have a total of 27 new Tales of Xillia screenshots today from 4Gamer. They mainly focus on the Schall/Char siblings, the use of Link Artes (we formerly called them "Resonance Artes", but the trailer officially romanizes the term as Link Artes) and some Long Chat scenes. We also get a more detailed description of how a Link Arte is performed. 

The Schall siblings, Klein and Droselle. Scenes are of the first time Jude and the rest meet the two and Rowen.

Screenshots showing the features of the DR-LMBS (Dual Raid Linear Motion Battle System) and the Fighting Chat cut-ins.

Performing Link Artes: (1) The Link Arte gauge is first filled up and it will start flashing once it is ready to be used. In the first shot, we see that the gauge is filled up until level 2, though the whole gauge can reach until level 5. (2) With Milla currently in link mode to Jude, the Master character (i.e. the character you're controlling), Jude performs his arte that is needed for the Link Arte (in this occasion, Majinken). (3) The Link Arte icon will then start flashing on Jude's character model for a short amount of time. At that time, the player has to press the R2 button in order to activate the Link Arte. In the occasion that Milla has not mastered the base arte needed for this Link Arte (in this case, Wind Cutter) or it has been turned off or removed, the Link Arte icon will not show up. In the occasion that Milla is the Master character, she will have to perform the Wind Cutter arte while in link mode with Jude. (4) When R2 is pressed, the characters' cut-ins come in, and the two linked characters will perform the Link Arte. In this case, Jude's Majinken and Milla's Wind Cutter produce Zeppuuujin.

Jude's Majinken + Milla's Wind Cutter = Zeppuuujin. Milla's Wind Cutter + Elise's Pikohan (Pow Hammer) = Piko Rain (Pow Rain?). Jude's Majinken + Rowen's Splash = Splash Line.

Some examples of the characters' Long Chat full body illustrations.

You can view them all in our gallery.

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