ToV US Limited Edition + New ToV Vids + ToV Out in Some Places

The ToV Developer's Blog just got updated with an announcement from Dennis Lee, the Senior Marketing Manager, that a Limited Edition of Tales of Vesperia will be available in selected stores. There will be limited copies of it, and will cost $69.99 (SRP). Directly quoting from the blog:

"The special edition version of the game comes in a SteelBook case with its own unique cover art by longtime Tales character designer Kosuke Fujishima. The packaging itself is really high-quality, but what’s inside is even more exciting. We’ve combed through the music archives at Tales Studio in Japan and put together a bonus 10th anniversary soundtrack CD that will be included in every special edition package. Covering some of the series’ musical highlights from past and present, the CD contains 25 tracks, with 14 songs from Tales of Vesperia, two from Tales of Phantasia, two from Tales of Destiny, four from Tales of Symphonia and three from Tales of the Abyss."

As for the videos, we have two new commercials. One is the Second TV Commercial, and the other is the one you'll find in Japan, which differs only in music to the 2nd CM. Other videos include Gauche and Droite's Hi-Ougi and some Japanese skits from the game, "Nice to Meet You Repede" and "Rita and Repede." Also added Repede's Hi-Ougi. You can view Nan's and Tison's Hi-Ougis here

It seems that some places in Japan already have Tales of Vesperia. You'll notice a bunch of new videos in YouTube or NicoNico Douga, including the first few boss battles and an HQ opening.

Also added new AMV of the Month.

There's also news circulating in the Tales Forums that TalesBrigade will be open 2PM EDT. Screenshot.

For the LOLs: It seems that badly made Wanted Posters run in the series.

P.S. The Vesperia main page is still not up. The ToV Audio Page however, is up, but was missing from the list of audio categories. This has been fixed now.

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