What To Expect From The Upcoming Demo of Tales of Graces f This Month

magazine scan that was leaked recently brought news telling us of Tales of Graces f's upcoming game demo this September. Today, the Tales of Graces f official site has been updated with information on what to expect from the demo.

ToG-f Demo
- The demo will take place in a dungeon known as The Otherworld Paradise (ikai no mori, ??? )
- Richard will be playable and in the party, now resulting in 7 party members in total. All 7 will be in the demo.
- The new system, "Accel Mode", will be available.
- A few of the new artes and some of the new Blast Calibers will be available.
- If you'll notice Asbel's eye color in the screen shot from the official site, the setting will most probably be at the after story part of the game.
- Game cannot be saved.

The demo will be available at the Japanese PlayStation Store some time this month.

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