New ToG, ToVS, ToV PS3 and ToV Movie Info + Sites Up

I apologize for the late post. I was playing DotNW. A BIG thanks to Yume Hanabi for translating the following information for us ?~ I love you~~.

The official sites for Tales of Graces, Tales of VS., and Tales of Vesperia PS3are now up (although they're nothing but teaser pages). And due to the flood of new images, etc., we now have sections for ToGToVSToVPS3and ToV Movie in the AC Gallery. So, if you're still doubtful about the information posted last April 1... well >_>.

A lot of other Japanese gaming sites also posted about a press event that took place recently, revealing more info about the games and the movie. Sources include FamitsuGPara and 4Gamer. And due to the extent of repeated images from these sites, I've opted to upload only the ones with highest quality.

~~ Tales of Graces.
The theme this time around is to learn the strength to protect RPG. Again, the game will be by the Tales Studio, with anime scenes by Production I.G. Both the Wiimote with nunchak and the Classic Controller PRO will be useable. The new battle system is called SS-LMBS or Style Shift LMBS, which allows you to change styles in battle, allowing attacks to change (in the examples given, one style of the main hero is fighting with his sword in his scabbard, and the other style is when he has it drawn out). It also includes the side-step feature, allowing you move 360° on the battle field. Staff says that Graces will have a wider range of attack variations than in any other Tales game. The main storyline focuses on the world Efinea and the fighting between three major countries: Windol, Strata and Fendel.Asbel Lhant, who originated from the Kingdom of Windol in Lhant territory, gets caught up in all this together with his companions. The world's civilization prospers with something called Eles (due to Legendia's "eres", we're going with Eles instead of Eres) which contains a material namedCrias/Criath/Clias. Game's release is set for Winter 2009-2010. Screenshots have been uploaded here, and we're not sure yet, but shejust might be the main heroine.

~Asbel Lhant (official spelling)
"I don't want to lose anyone anymore..."
Age: 18 years old
Height: 175cm
Weight: 65kg
~ Asbel is a straightforward, unimpeachable young man with a strong sense of justice. One can always see a strong will in his eyes.

~~ Tales of VS.
The theme song for this game has been officialy confirmed to be by bandGirl Next Door and the group will indeed be performing at the Tales Festival after BACK-ON does. Anime scenes will be by Production I.G. The game will have a total of 35 characters from the other games, all having a new setof status images (for the menu) and hi-ougi cut-ins. The game will have its own unique storyline (in the world of Dailantia, where you move between the four main countries: The Holy Country HeidrThe Kingdom of Knights HraesvelgrThe New Empire Niddhog and The Alliance of Free Cities Dyne) complete with skits and fully voiced scenes in scenario mode. The game will still use the LMBS, although it wasn't specified which specific one. One feature includes having the battle fields with walls of different heights, leading to more action-packed battles, as well as something called an "Yggdrasil Battle Mode" and a "Bound" system which allows you to do combos when the enemy is against the wall. Mini games and linking to mobile phone content are also available. Release date is set for Summer 2009. Images uploaded here. You can see Lloyd, Colette and Kratos in this screenshot, and the trailer shown in this press event shows a sketch silhouette of Philia, and Tear's name in katakana.

~~ Tales of Vesperia PS3
Confirmed to have Patty Fleur as a new character. Since a few of the main scenes in the 360 version were not voiced, they have opted to have all main scenes fully voiced in the PS3 version. Also, if you'll check this andthis, it seems that there will be new hi-ougi cut-ins for the characters as well! The theme song will still be Kane wo Narashite. There will be more new content, and will be revealed soon. Images have been uploaded here.

~Patty Fleur
"Let's hope tomorrow is another day-nanoja!"
(Patty seems to have this weird speech pattern, adding "nanoja" to the end of all her sentences)
Age: 14 years old
Height: 132cm
VA: Chiwa Saito

~~ Tales of Vesperia ~ The First Strike ~ Movie
The showing in Japan theatres will be on Fall 2009 (expect a DVD around March or April, and yes we will be subbing this~), and the events will be centered on a story which takes place before ToV's own storyline. The movie will be in full HD. And again, animation is by Production I.G We've uploaded screenshots and concept art in the gallery.

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