Three More ToVS Special Battles Up + Tenth Director's Video - Asch & Kratos

Following the recently revealed VJump Special Battle (the one that lets you win the Cotton Candy weapon) and the Special Battle you can access by ordering the Be your wings single, the Tales of VS. official site has been updated with two new official Special Battles. The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu Magazine also features a new Special Battle. The battles are as follows:

Famitsu BattleFamitsu Battle
- Password can be taken from the Weekly Famitsu issue of this week, and battles can be accessed starting August 20, 2009. You can win a ?????? (gyanaizaa) weapon from this battle.

Try and Be My Tsukkomi!Try and Be My Tsukkomi!
- This is in reference to the Manzai style of stand-up comedy in Japan, starring a Boke (funny guy) and a Tsukkomi (straight guy) exchanging verbal jokes and whatnot. Whenever the Boke says something stupid, the Tsukkomi will usually reprimand him by hitting him with a paper fan... Hence why the whole battle uses a ???? (harisen, Paper Fan) weapon, which is a sword-type weapon.
Starts on - August 20, 2009 at 10:00am onwards.
Game Rule - Point Battle
Character(s) who can equip - Cless, Kyle, Lloyd, Kratos, Luke, Asch, Caius, Yuri and Shing.

Professor Jade's Special GuidanceProfessor Jade's Special Guidance
- A Jade-only special battle, equipping a ???? (yubi sashi bou, Pointing Stick).
Starts on - August 27, 2009 at 10:00am onwards.
Game Rule - Life Match
Character(s) who can equip - Jade

ToVS Director's Video 10 - Asch and Kratos CombosA new director's video has also been uploaded, showing combos using Asch and Kratos. The Director, controlling Adch, utilizes the dead-end wall in order to trap Luke in a corner and deal out a number of combos on him. He cancels out his skills at 1-3 times and then jumps, then using Limit cancel. After performing Asch's hi-ougi, the director dishes out another series of combos, making Luke land near the dead-end wall once again.

For the Kratos combo, the Director first uses a Tanmen item in order to increase Kratos's casting time. It's actually possible to match the effects of the item once you garner enough GP to increase a character's casting time stat. He then uses a skill for combo, followed by Magic Cancel, and casting of Grave. He then ends it with Shining Bind.

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