Tales OP Chorus Medley Sequel - Looking for Singers!

Hey everyone, PanbanRichard here. I'm looking for people to join together and sing some opening themes in my current community project: Tales OP Chorus Medley - The Lost Tracks.

As shown in the intro video above, I organized and sorted out the first iteration of the Tales OP Chorus Medley in 2015. It was a collaborative effort from lyric proofreaders, content creators and of course, the 26 singers who made the project a reality. It was fun putting it together, and the end result became a solid outing from everyone involved. If you haven't seen it, check it out below:

The sequel will not only feature openings that weren't present in the original medley, but they'll also be at the same length as they appeared in their respective games. In other words, no lyrics will be cut this time around.

The featured songs in the medley are:

Tales of Xillia - progress
Original: Ayumi Hamasaki
Medley Arrangement: panman131
Tales of Xillia 2 - song 4 u
Original: Ayumi Hamasaki
Tales of Innocence R - progress
Original: KOKIA
Medley Arrangement: panman131
Original: Straightener
Medley Arrangement: Tjoeb123
Tales of the Rays - NEW WALL
Original: Alexandros
Medley Arrangement: Euly Karaoke Prod.
Tales of Berseria - Burn
Original: FLOW
Medley Arrangement: Euly Karaoke Prod.

On the Tales OP Chorus Medley Website (http://bit.ly/TalesOPChorusMedley), you'll find all the reference materials that can help you prepare for your entry. This includes lyric files, karaoke videos, and some singing tips too.

The whole purpose of the medley (like the last one) is for the community to collaborate in a fun little production, so don't fret too much if you're not too comfortable with your singing voice. As long as you're hitting the notes and having fun, then you'll be fine! Instructions on how to join are also on the website, and the deadline for submissions is November 30th, 2020 @23:59 (-6 GMT).

I'd like to thank AC for allowing me to share this project here, and if you're interested in joining, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!